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90% of local searchers take action within 24 hours

Search Engine Optimization

Over 2.6 Billion Local Searches are performed monthly and that number grows by more than 50% per year.

Our Search Engine Optimization platform is designed for your business to have front page visibility. With over 2.6 million monthly local searches, having a search engine optimization strategy is critical.

Our proven process to Search Engine Optimization using our cloud-based technology platform is your competitive advantage.
Utilizing proven marketing techniques, customers will find you faster than ever before.

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In order to reach your customers, you have to make sure that they can find you. We can make it easier for them!

Always Rank

Most People stop searching results on the front page, so let us make sure that you are on there!


Search engines are designed to detect key details; we know how to place those details correctly for detection!


When satisfied customers write good reviews, we make them readily visible to future potential customers!

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More than 100 MILLION PEOPLE a month use Google Maps from mobile phones to find business information - is your business one of them?


Website Design

80% of traffic to a website begins with search query.

Unify customer experiences across web and mobile. Advertising IQ’s responsive web design capability ensures consistent experiences across all devices.

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Other Advertising IQ Services

Domain & Hosting

After creating your optimized website, we will host it with a domain tailored for web exposure. This domain will trigger further search engine criteria, making it easier for your business to appear on the front page and directing more internet traffic toward your website.

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AdWords Marketing

Google AdWords is a targeted advertising platform, and drives internet traffic to your website through the use of specific marketing phrases, or keywords, and additional material. Through a dedicated and aggressive AdWords marketing campaign, we can help your business achieve faster, more targeted results.

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Custom Copywriting

Ranking your website on the front page is important, but our services would not be complete without making your website truly reflect you. Our talented web writers will compose content which not only includes intuitive marketing techniques, but concisely represents your business as well.

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Review Monitoring

We will gather and organize reviews posted to your website and all other available resources, ensuring that they are visible to potential customers and properly represent your business. Applicable resources include social media, networking and professional sites or associations.

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Google Lead Generation

Through our Search Engine Optimization efforts, we make your business rank on the first page of Google, and through our intuitive web design services, we make potential customers more likely to contact you through your professionally-built website.

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Google Map Optimization

By creating a specific definition of your target service area on Google Maps, we can make your marketing campaign as efficient as possible. We will help you ensure that only potential customers in the region covered by your services inquire your business.

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Marketing Consulting

Our webmasters and design experts are available to provide you with invaluable information regarding internet marketing techniques, helping you optimize every parameter of your online campaign. Our team will work with you closely, understanding your needs and objectives to produce a solution tailored to your business.

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Directory Management & Syndication

As part of your online campaign, we insert your business into numerous local directories, which further drives traffic toward your website through both search engines and local listings. Web syndication exposes your website's content through additional pages, reinforcing this process.

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What Our Clients Say

Trustworthy team. I see tremendous progress. Honest and helpful team of people. I would recommend this service.


June 31, 2016

The Customer Service team is very responsive and always friendly. This is the #1 best customer service experience I have EVER HAD!!!!


April 26, 2016

The website Design team is so talented. I have been working with them for over a year now and it has been a complete pleasure.


Jan 22, 2016

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